FizzBuzz in Xamarin

I'm attending a hackathon upcoming Tuesday, and for that occasion, we were asked to install Xamarin. Xamarin is a platform that lets you build apps for »

Inbox Zero

This week, I was given the opportunity to give a talk on Inbox Zero, Google Inbox, and the vanilla Gmail client to people in my student »

Some words on efficient studying

Efficient studying will save you time and boost your GPA. This blog post describes two techniques I've found to be effective through my years preparing for »

Vim command of the day: ciw

A year ago, when I was transitioning to Linux, I also started using Vim. I had for many years lived in the impression that Vim was »

pthread_create parameter copying

Today, our professor in CSCI 5451 - Introduction to Parallel Computing lectured about POSIX Threads Programming, better known as Pthreads. This programming interface allows for parallel »