Compendia and notes

Some of my studying involves writing notes and brief summaries of the course syllabi. By popular demand, I've chosen to share it, despite of the varying quality of my work. Use at own risk. Comments welcome!

CSci 5271 - Introduction to computer security

PDF: csci5271.pdf

I created these notes for an open book final in CSci 5271. The notes are based of the lecture slides of professor Stephen McCamant, in addition to some papers that was part of the syllabus.

TDT4205 - Compiler technology

PDF: tdt4205.pdf

Compendium based on the chapters in the dragon book from the TDT4205 syllabus, as well as slides from Cornell Universty by Tim Teitelbaum used by Anne Elster in the lectures. GitHub project also available here here, feel free to contribute!

TDT4165 - Programming Languages

Plaintext notes: tdt4165.txt

Norwegian notes from the textbook Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming used in TDT4165.

TDT4186 - Operating Systems

Plaintext notes: tdt4186.txt

Norwegian notes from the textbook Modern Operating Systems, 4th edition by Andrew S. Tanenbaum that covers the syllabus of TDT4185.

TDT4195 - Visual Computing Fundamentals

PDF: tdt4195.pdf

Norwegian compendium based on the lecture slides used in TDT4195. The slides in computer graphics were made by Lester Lehn Solbakken. The slides in image processing part of the course were made by Christian Schellewald. The compendium is available on github, feel free to contribute!