pthread_create parameter copying

Today, our professor in CSCI 5451 - Introduction to Parallel Computing lectured about POSIX Threads Programming, better known as Pthreads. This programming interface allows for parallel »

Biology for computer scientists

I've recently signed up for a course in Bioinformatics, a field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. Having a strictly computational background, »

Writing your own homework document class for LaTeX

The last couple of semesters I've normally wrapped up my homework in LaTeX. However, every time I started a new document, I would always go and »

Will the ladder slip?

Recently, my professor in IE 5513 - Engineering Safety presented the class with the task of being able to predict whether or not a ladder will »

Getting started

First blog post. Thanks to Rob Dodson for indirectly picking the blogging platform for me. I remember reading his blog posts on backbone.js some years »